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Save and Load Mods

theory's Save and Load Mods allows you to make several changes to the default save and load screen, such as custom windowskins per save file, and icons.



This script has vidual elements. Expect screenshots within a few days.


The XP script can be found here.


The XP demo can be found here.


Place this script above Main, and below the default scripts. (I realize this is obvious to most, but some people don't get it.)

Immediately following the instructions you will find the Scripastic class. This class stores settings for our scripts, including this one.  There are two useful settings here.

The first is LSM_load_code.  Leave the 'return' command intact, as well as the quotation marks ("), but you will probably want to make the actual code ("game_0", as default) unique to every game you make.  This feature is completely optional, and easy to ignore.  What this does is enable the lock save file method.  You can assign a lock to a game file, preventing it from being loaded in any game whose LSM_load_code does not match the code you used to lock the file.  Example implementation:
Game 1: lock_save_file("Game2")
Game 1 has an LSM_load_code of "Game1", and will be unable to load this file after it was locked (completed and prepared for transfer.) Game 2, however, has an LSM_load_code of "Game2" and therefore can load the file that Game 1 locked.

The second is LSM_lock_bypass.  This allows you to load a locked save file, regardless of lock code.  Useful for recovering locked files after changing your lock code.

A couple notes:  First, note that the locking mechanisms in place here are implemenation features, to enhance the professionalism of your game, and *NOT* security features of any kind.  Normal RGSS can still load these files, you are not securing them in any way except for limiting the use inside your own games.  Secondly,  why did I allow definition of locking codes?  In case you are creative enough to allow exporting to multiple games.  For example, instead of a linear story arc through chapters (seperate games), you could release 2A and 2B, seperate games, that require you to have gotten a certain ending in Game 1.  Or whatever else you can come up with.  Be creative.

The rest is pretty straightforward.  Check out the commented events in the demo if you downloaded it (our demos are generally worth checking out, if I may say so myself).  If you didn't for whatever reason, read the method list, as it should explain everything you need to know.

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