Script Console

Version 1.20

Glitchkey's Script Console is an advanced scripting tool designed for testing and debugging a game. It will open an in-game Ruby interpreter, which you can use to access and modify all of the game's scripts. It also includes robust error checking to revent it from closing out on errors, which it will ignore instead.



This script has visual elements, but they are not apparent from single screenshots. Therfore, a short video has been prepared instead:


The XP script can be found here, while the VX version can be found here.


The XP demo can be found here, while the VX demo can be found here.


Place this script above Main, and below the default scripts. (I realize this is obvious to most, but some people don't get it.)

Simply press the tilde key (~), located above Tab and below Esc on most US keyboards, to open the script console.  From here, you can type any script command to test it.  A technical note, you start at Kernal, for heiarchy. A good knowledge of RGSS is expected to get the most of this utility. You can call methods by their relative globals, for example, $game_map.update  ;  or more useful, $game_party.gain_item(13, 1) .

At this time, for RPG Maker XP, you can only call the console screen from Scene_Map.  This was a sacrifice in order to reduce the large amount of aliasing that would occur in order to compensate the lack of a Scene_Base.

Note that this is a utility script for scripters (or advanced script users). If you do not understand what this script does, it is probably not intended for you at this point, nor would you find it useful.

Terms and Conditions


Note that this script utilizes the foundation set by Aleworks.  Their script does not specify clear terms of service, but it is suggested that you contact vgvgf regarding specifics for terms of use pertaining to their script.

Aleworks' scripts contain additional credits to third parties.  While this is more of a development tool than an item intended for commercial application, it is advised to do a bit of homework regarding applicable license information before using this script for commercial purposes.

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