Attract Mode

Version 1.10

Glitchfinder's Attract Mode is a script that allows you to mimic a classic feature of both arcade and console games. This script will modify the title screen so that, when left idle, it will take the game to a map. While on the map, the game will function normally, with the exception that any input from the player takes you back to the title screen. It is recommended that you set up an autorun or parallel process event on the map, to provide some sort of cinematic while the game is idle.



This script has vidual elements, but they are not apparent from single screenshots. Therfore, a video has been prepared instead:


The XP script can be found here, while the VX version can be found here.


The XP demo can be found here, while the VX demo can be found here.


Place this script above Main, and below the default scripts. (I realize this is obvious to most, but some people don't get it.)

There is a Scriptastic class immediately following this header. Just change the settings found there to your liking.  This script is very simple to use. Note that map is specified by ID.  This is the number displayed on the status bar of RPG Maker XP while editing a map, to the left of the map name.

For example, 001: MAP001 (20x15)

1 would be the ID of this map, although 001 could technically be used. This number can also be found in the title of the Map Properties window.

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