Screen Size Editor

Version 1.00
(RMXP Only)

Glitchfinder's Screen Size Editor allows you to change the size of the game window in RPG Maker XP. It is made to automatically change on startup, with the additional ability to dynamically modify the screen size later.



This script has visual elements. Expect screenshots within the next few days.


The XP script can be found here.


Place this script above Main, and below the default scripts. (I realize this is obvious to most, but some people don't get it.)

To change the default screen size, simply edit the Screen_Data module, which uses the following format:
[width (in tiles), height (in tiles), width, height]

To edit the size of the screen in game, simply use the following function:
Screen_Size.change_screen_size(width, height)
The width and height must be the number of tiles that you want the screen to display in each direction.

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